Is God Near To You?

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.” James 4:8

I have had many different friends throughout the years of my life. But some of those relationships have simply faded away. Oh, I know those former friendships could be rekindled with a little effort, but we just haven’t been in communication over the years, and I hardly know them anymore.

How is your relationship with God? Has it faded over time? Do you feel like you don’t really know Him? Do you communicate with Him other than the usual time slot you give Him for your devotions?

We need a good bond with God. He is our strength, especially when we are ill and weak. We know from the Bible that He is always available. So consider this, what are you doing while you wait for food to heat up in a microwave? When you are driving or riding in a car, how is that time being spent? Nothing is really demanding your attention when you are showering, is it? Could you possibly be drawing nearer to God during those routine tasks?

I hesitate to say you could be praying during those times, because most people associate praying with making requests to God. Instead let me say that during those times you could be talking to God, like you would a friend.

King David was very close to God, of whom God said he was “a man after mine own heart.” When we look at the Psalms, David isn’t just always asking for things. He pours his heart out to God, tells Him all this thoughts, praises Him, thanks Him and just converses with God. He was near to God, and God was near to him.

He wants that same bond with you. Take advantage of all the little opportunities to talk to Him. Be creative in your time talking with God, and see how close the relationship grows.


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