There Is Hope!

“And now, Lord, what wait I for? My hope is in Thee.”  Psalm 39:7

What is hope in the Lord?  Are you like most Christians?  Does your hope consist of “Boy, I sure hope the Lord comes through on this one!”  That is not the kind of hope we as Christians should have.

I recently heard a good example of what a Christian’s hope should be like.  Picture yourself stranded in the ocean on a raft.  Most people would be hoping a boat or plane would come by and rescue them.  But in the case of a Christian’s hope, it would be much different.  That person would be thinking “I know that a boat or a plane is going to come by and rescue me!  I just need to wait for the time that will happen.”  That is the hope we have in our God.  Not that He might come and help us, but we are just waiting for when He will come and help us.

Hope in God is certainty in Him and His ways, which means we are perhaps uncertain about what comes next, but we know He will come through for us.  We are also uncertain of how He will come through for us, but our hope is unwavering in Him.

God loves to give us little surprises.  How many times has He come through for you in a totally unexpected way?  You will never know what to expect from God, and we should be anxiously anticipating what that surprise will be.  Just as a little child would be (Matthew 18:3).

If you are going through a particularly difficult trial at this moment, and you feel like you are on a raft, all alone in the middle of an ocean, put your hope in God by expecting that rescue.  That is what true hope in God is.


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