Victory In The Face Of Defeat (Part 4)

“Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.” John 14:30.  In this verse, Jesus is talking to His disciples just before he is betrayed and crucified.  He was eluding to the spiritual battle he would be in with the “prince of this world,” who is Satan.  The devil would do everything in his power to harass and break Him.  Jesus knew He needed precious, intimate time with the Father to prepare for this battle.

You may be going through the spiritual battle of your life right now.  The prince of this world is trying to break you and cut you off from the Father also.  It does not matter what you are going through, Jesus has been there.  He has experienced that same conflict.  When we are going through times of intense spiritual struggles, we need to copy His example and get that same needed precious, intimate time with God.  We cannot deal with the devil on our own.  Even Jesus spent a lot of time praying to the Father in the most trying time of His life.

Occasionally you will see people who are not Christians who seem better off than you.  For instance, perhaps you and an unsaved person both got cancer.  You both went through the horrible treatments, and things seemed okay.  Then your cancer came back, but your non-Christian friend is healthy years down the road, and life seems to be going great for her.  Not only that, but perhaps you are having trouble paying the medical bills and have to quit work, while she just got a new position, had a new baby, and everything now seems to be going her way.  Why would things happen that way when we have God on our side, when we try our very best to do what is right?  I don’t claim to know the answer, but let me propose a thought as to why this might be.  Will you still be a Christian when the going gets tough?  Will you still hold onto your faith when it seems ungodly people are flourishing, yet everything seems to be going wrong for you?  Do you think perhaps God wants to know your true heart?

If life was always easier for Christians, wouldn’t everyone want to be a Christian for the wrong reason?


2 thoughts on “Victory In The Face Of Defeat (Part 4)

  1. Hi Julie,

    Have just recently started following your blog. Saw it on RM. I used to read and comment on RM, but have been so ill for quite many months that have fallen far behind.

    I am so glad, however, that I found you as I am enjoying your insight and personal experiences when dealing with chronic illness and pain.

    I am grateful for the reminder your words impart re praying much more when in a spiritual battle with the evil one. God and I have a HopeKepepers group which will be a year old this October. I had just started it when my dearest friend of 39 years finally lost her battle with lung disease and went home to be with our Father. Its been a hard hard blow for me. But I know she is out of pain and distress and is singing with the angels and that someday I will see her again. But being left behind has been a very tough time for me and I firmly believe God had me start my HK group timed to her leaving! I had argued, discussed and prayed about starting the group for a year and finally had to obey Him and it has been a Godsend for me this last year. I have 5 sweet ladies, sometimes only 3 of us there, as , yes, we are sick but we persevere on. We are doing a bible study now on extraordinary women of the bible.

    Sorry so long. I have my weak moments, like we all do, but Satan will never ever win over my Lord. I have a great church family and would crawl literally, if needed, to get there Sunday mornings. I need the word to get me thru the week and the wonderful fellowship of believers.

    God bless,


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