Victory In The Face Of Defeat (Part 3)

People with illnesses and pain also struggle spiritually as well as physically.  Satan tries to tempt them and draw them away from God by telling them lies about God.  It is important to analyze where your thoughts are originating from.  Refuse to entertain thoughts against God.  The thoughts will come, but it is what you do with them that matter.

Just like Jesus, we suffer both physically and spiritually.  We have something in common with the Son of God.  We have a special bond, and if we work through those struggles together, the bond gets stronger until after many years of being in the battle together, we are inseparable.  We have that intimacy that other people can only envy.

The closer you get to Christ, the greater the threat you are to Satan.  The enemy wants you to think you have been destroyed.  You are NOT destroyed.  The enemy does not have the power to destroy you, but he does have the power to lead you to think that.  And if you believe that, you will live like you are destroyed.  In every life, both Heaven and Hell are working at the same time in the events that take place.  You can sense the forces of darkness because you feel the discouragement, the anger, the depression, the hopelessness.  But which side you are going to let work in your life, Heaven or Hell, is completely up to you.  If you let Heaven work in your life, you will find a peace about your situation, and even joy again.

Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.”  Micah 7:8.



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