The Need To Be Useful (Part 8)

Do you need more ideas of things you can do to be useful for God?  You can edify others and the church, as we see in Romans 14:19, which says, “Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.”  Edify is not a word we use a lot in everyday language, but according to Barnes’ Notes on the Bible, it means to build.  “Applied to the church, it means to do anything by teaching, counsel, advice, etc. which will tend to promote its great object; to aid Christians, to enable them to surmount difficulties, to remove their ignorance, etc.”  (1)

Edification of other Christians is a very important ministry, because the enemy is constantly trying to break us down.  We need fellow Christians to help build us back up.  This can be done in several ways.  Perhaps you are someone who has an encouraging word for someone over the phone, or maybe you could send out cards of encouragement that contain Bible verses.

Teaching is another way to edify the church.  Some people have a gift for instructing others or correcting in love without offending.  Other people who have been Christians for awhile have experience in life that would be beneficial to younger Christians, such as in marriage, problems with children, etc.  Ask yourself, how can I use my spiritual gifts for the benefit of others?  How can I help someone grow in the Lord?  How can I encourage others?  Anytime you are building up another Christian or the church, you are edifying.

Did you ever have a desire to be a cheerleader?  You don’t have to be able to do backflips to be on God’s cheerleading squad!  If you have the gift of encouragement, you can motivate other believers.  You can help them grow and mature in their Christian walk and be a positive influence in their life.  Go team!

(1) Barnes’ Notes, Acts/Romans, (Baker Books, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2005), p. 309.


One thought on “The Need To Be Useful (Part 8)

  1. This is great insight. Many people go to church or select their friends to satisfy self. True Christianity is to make these selections on the basis of how many others we may edify and serve. This is truly being Christ-like.


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