The Need To Be Useful (Part 6)

You may be saying, “I really want to be used by God, and I really want to have that faith that I am of worth to Him, but I still don’t see what I can possibly do to be useful.”  He will use each of us differently, and we need to find out by praying and asking Him what task He has for us to do and, as stated before, listen to what He is speaking to your heart.  He will put a desire in your heart or give you a burden for some ministry.  If you stop and think, is there something that tugs on your heartstrings even now?  Could that very thing in some way be a ministry you could perform for God?

God gives Christians spiritual gifts that can be used even when we are not healthy.  These are specific gifts that are given to us after we become Christians and are given by the Holy Spirit.  We find these gifts listed in Romans 12:6-8, I Corinthians 12:4-11 and Ephesians 4:7-13.  These gifts include things like teaching, encouraging, giving, wisdom, faith and showing mercy.

If your spiritual gift is giving, you will be excited to be a blessing through giving and providing for the needs of ministries.  You won’t feel the need to be recognized for your giving, but will give quietly and cheerfully and always give the best that you can.

Maybe you have a God-given talent that can be used in some way for God’s glory.  Perhaps you are talented in music.  There are countless ways this can be used in the church.  If you can sing, taking part in the choir may be an option.  Even if you have times you may not be well enough to participate, a choir is not dependent on one person, so you can contribute when you are able.  Perhaps you can teach others a musical instrument so that they can also glorify God through music.

Hold a Bible study if you are able.  Not only will it benefit others, but it will feed your own soul as well.  You will most likely gain friendship and support from other Christians, as well as being able to give friendship and support to others.

This post would be too long if I listed all the ways we can be useful even when we are ill.  So in the next few posts, we will explore more opportunities God has given you to be of use for Him.


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