The Need To Be Useful (Part 2)

One woman who is a special encouragement to me in knowing I can be useful is Joni Eareckson Tada.  She is an amazing woman who has overcome tremendous limitations to accomplish great things for God.  Her life puts most of ours to shame.  If you don’t know her story, I will give you a quick synopsis.  As a teenager in 1967, Joni dove into a lake not knowing how shallow the water was and broke her neck, paralyzing her body from the neck down.  During her rehabilitation, she struggled with God, with life and with her paralysis.  She became so despondent that she even begged her friends to help her with assisted suicide.  She became hopeless and didn’t want to live.  But God had great plans for Joni’s life. The healthy, whole Joni would most likely never have accomplished the things the paralyzed Joni did.  And her relationship with God is deeper than it probably ever would have been had she avoided that accident.

As of this writing, it has been over 45 years since her accident.  She has achieved so much in that time.  Just one of the many gifts she has is as an artist, drawing and painting with her mouth.  On all of her paintings, you will find the letters “PTL” which stand for “Praise the Lord.”  She is also a much sought after speaker, and has written several books.  But one of her greatest ministries is to help disabled people around the globe.  In 1979 she formed Joni and Friends Ministries.  Through this ministry, she helps the disabled both physically and spiritually.  She also has begun Wheels for the World, a ministry in which wheelchairs are restored and distributed to developing nations.  Her life is a testimony to how much can be done with severe limitations.

God has a high calling for you, too.  He has a plan specifically tailored for you that He wants you to fulfill.  Everything you have gone through in your life and are going through at this moment is contributing to your specific calling.  Don’t be fooled, nothing in your life has happened by chance or is just an unfortunate occurrence.  You are here exactly at this time in history with exactly the circumstances you have encountered because God has a specific task He wants you to fulfill.


One thought on “The Need To Be Useful (Part 2)

  1. I really appreciate this
    encouragement that God has a plan above and beyond our pain,to use it for his glory in helping others. This is exactly what Joni has done. It takes a new commitment every day.


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