Facing Fear (Part 7)

Trust in God has to be not only in our head, but in our heart.  If you are just trusting Him because the Bible says you should, then you haven’t arrived at a true trust in God yet.  In Deuteronomy chapter 1, God is telling the Israelites to trust Him.  In verses 19 through 33, He commanded them to go into the mountains of the Amorites and take the land, because God was giving it to them.  They had already sent out 12 men to check out the land, who came back telling how good the land was.  But, the Amorites were an intimidating group, and the cities were heavily fortified, so the people were afraid.  They were relying on what they could see from their perspective.  But think about this, God had already told them He would give them this land.  He had already delivered them from the Egyptians.  He had taken them through the wilderness and supplied their every need, and never did let them down.  And in verse 32 we see “ Yet in this thing ye did not believe the Lord your God.”

How many things has God brought you through up until this time in your life?  Yet you may see the future, and it looks fearful and intimidating.  Even though God has always gotten you through the hard times, are you like the Israelites, “ Yet in this thing ye did not believe the Lord your God?”

The devil knows exactly what it is that you fear.  Take a moment right now to admit to yourself what your fear is.  Think of Job, he said, “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me”  (Job 3:25).  Job was a righteous man, definitely more righteous than I am, how about you?  In the very first verses of Job chapter 1 we see that he was “perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.”  And in the verses that follow we even see that Job would rise early in the morning and offer burnt offerings for each of his children in case they had sinned and cursed God in their hearts.  And he did this regularly!  Even God said to Satan that there was none like him on the earth.  Yet God allowed what Job feared the most to happen to him.  So was God unfaithful to Job?  If He allows what you fear the most to happen, will He be not worthy of your trust?  You may think you can’t get through your worst fear, and because Satan knows what your greatest fear is, he will continually bring that thing to your mind and hound you over and over again with the possibility of it happening.  But the important thing to remember here is that whatever God has in mind for your life, He will bring you through it.  Together, you and God are unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with.  Your trust should not be that God will not let you go through suffering; your trust should be that God will get you through any difficulty or hardship.  That’s faith.  That’s the opposite of fear.


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