Facing Fear (Part 5)

Let me tell you a story about a cat we had several years ago.  His name was Boof.  He was a big black cat, really an awesome-looking, tough guy.  If he batted my hand playing, it would honestly smart a little bit.  Had he been a human, I could picture him being a linebacker.  But, as happened every year, I had to take Boof to the veterinarian to get his annual shots.  He wasn’t quite so tough then.  All the way to the vet’s office, he would let out a mournful meow that just tore at my heartstrings.  He was frightened, he didn’t understand what was happening to him, and the shot probably did hurt a little bit, too.  But the fear was unfounded.  The shot could save his life.  It definitely was for his benefit.  It made his immune system stronger.  He never did understand.  He just knew he was going through something terribly unpleasant, he was taken out of his comfort zone, and it was the person he loved the most who was allowing it all.  Honestly, to the day he died, he did not get an answer as to why this was happening.

Parallel that story to us.  God sometimes has to give us a little shot to make us stronger.  We get really frightened.  It hurts.  We don’t understand why the One we love the most would make us go through this.  But it really is for our benefit.  We may go to Heaven without receiving an answer on this earth as to why, but we have to trust Him, that what He is doing is best.  We aren’t animals that don’t have the reasoning ability to realize this.  We have countless examples in Scripture that tell similar stories.  Sure, we can look at those and see the end result and know what the purpose was.  But we have to trust that our own story has a good result also.  Even if we have to get to the very end to see it.  And God promises to be right there holding our hand through it all.  In Isaiah 41:13, we read, “ For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.'”


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