Less Of Me, More Of Him (Part 3)

To be more like God, we have to overcome our own selfishness. You can try to do that on your own, and most of us do try, but to really deny yourself you need some help from God. You see, we are born to be selfish, to think of ourselves first and what is best for us. Think of an innocent little newborn baby, full of sweetness and joy. That is, until she starts crying, even screaming, demanding to be taken care of and have all of her needs met. It’s a very natural thing! We start out in life with a very strong will for self and the will to do things on our own.

There is a story my parents just love to tell about me when I was a child. We went to church every Sunday, and it was about 8 miles from where we lived. We took various routes, but we had done it so many times that my dad decided it would be fun to let some of us kids direct his driving and get us back home after church. Some of my brothers did it successfully, and I wanted to try. So I directed my dad on which roads to turn onto, and some of them really didn’t look very familiar, but I knew which direction I wanted to go in, and I was sure we would eventually get to the town we lived in. I just knew that if we kept going west, we would have to make it there. Well, when more time passed than it usually took to get home, my father finally asked me, “Where do you think home is from here?” I pointed west again, and he had to tell me where we were. I ended up taking our family about 13 miles north of where we lived, and we were farther away from our home than when we had originally set out!

It’s pretty funny now, and we get a good laugh out of it, but isn’t that how we as Christians are much of the time? We think we know what direction we should be headed, so we go that way without asking our Heavenly Father if it is right. Then sometimes we get so far off track that we are farther from our goal than when we started out. We need to ask if we are headed in the right direction!

Why are you afraid to totally turn your life over to God and let Him take complete control? I think I know the answer to that question, and I think most people deep down know as well. You are afraid that you will be signing up for a life of misery. If you are totally honest with yourself, isn’t that your fear? But let’s think about this for a moment. Even if you do not surrender your life to God, you are still going to have very hard moments in life. The neighbor who is not a Christian whom you see every day might be suffering from cancer, and she may have been through a terrible divorce, and she may have lost a child at one time. You see, difficult things are going to happen no matter who you are. Don’t listen to the lie from Satan that surrendering to God is going to cause all sorts of new trials in your life, and you are just going to have to fight through one after another. No, those trials may still come, the same way they would have come if you had not surrendered. The difference is, now you have God on your side to help you through them. Now they can actually work for good. God is good! He cannot be bad! I John 1:5 says, “God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.” We need that Light during those dark times!


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